Sean Klabe

~~ In 1998 I decided to join the Volunteer Fire Service to better myself and help others in their time of need.  I joined the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown in 2000 and started many years of training at Delaware State Fire School, Special training classes, and on the job training. I learned skills needed to become a fire fighter, from basic firefighting skills through Fire Officer training. I currently have the privilege of training for the Special Ops team at Christiana Fire Company.  I started to work part time as a fire fighter/ EMT in 2001. To include Fire stations at Elsmere, Mill Creek, Cranston Heights, Hockessin, Christiana Fire Company throughout New Castle County.  With my passion for helping others I decided to make a career change and become a fulltime fire fighter/ EMT in 2013 at Wilmington Manor Fire Company. In November of 2017 I was honored to be offered a fulltime position with the Christiana Fire Company. Accepting the offer to work with one of the most disciplined fire companies, I look forward to many years of service with them. I continue to learn every day and the challenges we face have made me stronger and more passionate for the job.

Sean has been employed with CFC as a part time FF/EMT since 2014. Sean was hired as a full time FF/EMT in February 2016 and assigned to C-Shift.


Photo Of The Day

Sta. 12 Building Progress

Alarm Stats

Jan 329
July 336
Feb 264
Aug 291
Mar 318
Sep 323
Apr 304
Oct 315
May 333
Nov 331
Jun 329
Dec 324
Year Totals:
2018 - 3797
2017 - 3574
2016 - 3363
2015 - 3419

EMS Stats

Jan 974
July 884
Feb 967
Aug 860
Mar 936
Sep 784
Apr 863
Oct 971
May 952
Nov 969
Jun 976
Dec 963
Year Totals:
2018 - 11099
2017 - 10722
2016 - 10248
2015 - 10232


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