Responding to over 15,000 Fire and EMS incidents a year, the Christiana Fire Company is among the busiest combination fire companies in the region. We pride ourselves on being a trend setter throughout our area. CFC's paid staff and volunteers strive to work seamlessly side by side for the betterment of the company as well as the people we serve.

The Christiana Fire Company's Full Time Staff include: 

18 Career Firefighter/NREMTs who staff fire apparatus and BLS units out of Stations 6 and 12.

Two (2) Career Captains and three (3) Career Lieutenants who are shift commanders on each platoon.  

Our Full Time FF/EMTs are voluntary members of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 4417 New Castle County Uniformed Firefighters, who are their collective bargaining union. 

Christiana Fire also employs an Assistant Chief of Career Services, a full time Mechanic and a full time administrator on duty Monday through Friday. 

The current Full Time Shifts are as follows:

ABCD Platoons are 0700-0700, 24 hrs on / 72 hrs off  365 days/year

Day shift is 0700-1900, 4 on 4 off 365 days/year

Admin/Logistics Staff, 0800-1600 M-F

Full Time positions are only open when posted on the website homepage.

The Christiana Fire Company also employs Part Time:

NREMTs,  FF/NREMTs, and BLS Drivers to provide daily BLS staffing and Fire staffing when necessary dependent upon training and qualifications.

The current Part Time Shifts are as follows:

0600-1800, 1800-0600, 1800-2400 365 days/year

0900-1900,  0900-2100 M-F

Part Time Applications are always accepted.


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