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February Fires - Newark
Saturday, February 9, 2013

On February 2nd a box alarm 1221 was transmitted for a fire in a mobile home. The address was Waterford Trailer park. Rescue/Engine 12 was responding to a MVC at the time of the call. Engine 3 quickly responded and Rescue/Engine 12 quickly cleared the minor MVC. Engine 3 arrived established a water supply and found fire below the trailer. An attack line was stretched and a room was found on fire in the rear of the trailer. The fire below the trailer was caused by fire dropping thru the floor and melting a propane line. Rescue /Engine 12 arrived and completed the primary search which was negative. The fire was controlled and the propane line was secured. E3,E32,E9,Ladder 15 and Rescue/Engine 12 were held for 45 minutes. Assistant Chief Nguyen had command. On February 4th Christiana was alerted as the RIT company on a private dwelling fire on Pleasant Valley on box 0906. Ladder 12 was quickly on the street with 4. The Ladder arrived and stoodby as RIT and made a 360 of the dwelling. Aetna units made quick work of the fire and Command held L12 for 30 minutes. On February 5th Engine 95 was alerted to a fire alarm in Pencader business park on Lake Drive. The Engine arrived to find a fire that was a result of chemical’s being mixed. The Engine requested a box alarm and a hazmat assignment. Engine 12, Engine 3, Deputy Chief 6 and Ladder 12 running as a rescue squad responded. Christiana units arrived and were staged while command got a handle on the chemicals and the extent of the fire. Units operated for 50 minutes. The fire was contained by the sprinkler system and searches were negative. Command reduced the assignment to 1-1 and CFC units cleared.

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